Suarez: Valverde reminds him of a Liverpool legend

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Suarez: Valverde reminds him of a Liverpool legend. Former Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has reveal. That Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde reminds him of Reds legend Steven Gerrard.

The 24-year-old Uruguay international midfielder has in outstanding form for the Real Madrid this season, scoring four goals and providing two assists in nine games in all competitions.

”There were several prints in 2017. When Fede made his national team debut. I’ve said that he reminds me of Steven Gerrard. Who was my team-mate during his time at Liverpool.

”He has a similar character: playing box-to-box (i.e. a midfielder who plays both offensively and defensively), good tackling, cadence, movement. (Runs into the opponent’s penalty area)”

”I don’t want to compare. But he is similar, I saw Fede and he made a lot of progress. Plus, there’s a big star around him, it’ll make him really big.”

Real Madrid, the top of the Spanish La Liga, continued to show good form after starting the new season with 6 games, winning 18 points in a row, with a 2-1 win over city rivals Atletico Madrid behind the scenes. The RealMadrid team’s excellent form this season, one player who has been highly cited as a key backlash is Federico Valverde, the Uruguayan star who is nicknamed New GerraGuard. Who bursts into form, shoots and pays, plays until all pundits agree that Valverde is the next number one midfielder in the world.