Quincy Promes, a winger for the Netherlands national team bemused

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Quincy Promes, a winger for the Netherlands national team bemused! Star winger, former Liverpool target, caught carrying 1.4 tons of cocaine

Was arreste on suspicion of possessing and attempting to transport more than 1 ton or approximately 1,350 kilograms of cocaine into the country. This work has taken him at least six years to complete.

Dutch football is abuzz with news that Quincy Promes, a winger for the national team competing in Euro 2020. Who was once linked with Liverpool has arreste on charges of possession of a drug called cocaine and attempting to transport it into the country. 1 ton or approximately 1,350 kilograms. This work has taken at least 6 years to complete. It is also the second case given. After an 18-month prison sentence for stabbing a cousin with a sharp object in the knee.

According to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com a media outlet in the windmill country, Promes tried to transport cocaine twice in January 2020. In the first round, the drug he tried to import weighed 650 kilograms. While At another time it weighed 713 kilograms, with a total value of more than 65 million pounds.

On both occasions, Promes was capture in the harbor in Antwerp. Belgium The drugs were hidden in salt imported from Brazil.

Recently, a court in Amsterdam The 32-year-old star. Who is actually still affiliated with Spartak Moscow in Russia and has played 21 matches and scored 8 goals. This season, must sentenced to 6 years in prison.

The verdict It is still considered lighter than the prosecutors initially wanted. Because the prosecutor had wanted Promes to be jailed for 9 years, Promes did not travel to attend the court hearing. But it is believed that he denies all charges. And there is a high chance of filing an appeal further.

Promes was also sentenced to 18 months in prison for stabbing his cousin in the knee. The incident occurred at a family party in July 2020, according to the media. He held a party in a warehouse in Abgude, Netherlands. Before the quarrel with the other party occurred and stabbed the disputer in the knee until seriously injured

However, after his arrest, Promes spent two days in prison and was release.

In his early days, Promes was linked to move to Liverpool as well as other teams in the Premier League. While in the national team he went to Euro 2020 with the Turbine team, appearing on the field in 2 matches. In total, he served. In 50 national matches, he scored 7 goals.

While at club level, Promes was a trainee at Twente before moving to Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Ajax Amsterdam and returning to Spartak Moscow again when Year 2021 until now