Grealish delighted with this year joining the Championship as a mainstay.

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Manchester City winger Jack Grealish has revealed how he differed from last season. Because they are involved in the success of the team this football season more than ever.

Grealish won the Premier League with City last season. After joining from Aston Villa for £100m. He spent most of his time adjusting. Wrong with this season. He is considered an important player that Pep Guardiola’s team cannot be without UFABET 

“It’s different for me personally. I have played more I feel like I’m back to my normal self.” Grealish said.

“Last season was very good. Because it’s the first season. But this year it’s been great. because I feel that I have more participation.”

“It’s crazy. I spoke to some people recently. And say imagine that you have to win 12 games in a row to win the league title. We have many talents. And we felt that no one could stop us.”

“I feel more confident in this team. I feel fitter and go back to doing what I know what i can do. This is why Man City bought me and I have a lot to give them.

“It hasn’t stopped yet. We still have important games ahead.”

“Especially since the last international break. We felt that no one could stop us. And we are unbelievable.