Busquets insists he won’t change his mind like Alemani.

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Sergio Busquets confirmed his original intentions and did not change his mind like Mateu Alemani. Who returned to the Azul Grana football team.

Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets insists. He will not go back on his word to stay at Azul Grana like Mateu Alemani has changed his mind over a move to Atlético. Stan Villa and will continue to work with the Catalan giants. According to ‘Diario Sport’ on Sunday. 

Barcelona captain Busquets received the official La Liga trophy from Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales following their 1-1 loss to Real Sociedad 2 on Sunday. And is preparing to play 3 games this season, ending up as an Asul Grana footballer

When asked about the possibility of him going back on his word and playing for the Azulgrana for another year. Busquets replied bluntly: ‘I’ve decided. I’m not like Alemani.’UFABET

The 34-year-old is due to leave Barcelona after June 30. When asked about the next step in his career, Busquets replied: ‘I haven’t signed anything yet. There are many clubs interested. But I won’t decide until the end of the season. Now it’s time to have some fun!’

It was previously reported that Busquets would stay at Barcelona. If Lionel Messi returned to the Nou Camp this summer. Because he wants to play with the Argentinian striker one more season. But the 34-year-old midfielder denied that.

‘My future is linked to Messi? Everyone wants to play with Leo. He’s the best in the world. But my future is not linked to the future of Messi.’ Busquets said.