How to play Tiger and Dragon cards, how to play

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How to play Tiger and Dragon cards, how to play.

Dragon Tiger is another popular betting card game on the UFABET online gambling website. Because of its simple, straightforward game format that takes time to decide the outcome of the bet quickly. Therefore, whether both novice or seasoned gamblers choose to play cards. to make money from the casino website

How to play Dragon Tiger is similar to How to play baccarat a lot, just how to play dragon tiger cards Wins and loses will settle with 1 card. No 2nd or 3rd card is shown like Baccarat.

In which the player must choose to bet whether the cards on the tiger or dragon side will have higher points. And there are only 3 betting styles to choose from.

After choosing your favorite live casino room Steps to bet on cards will follow this

Stab on the side of the dragon (Dragon)

Betting on the dragon side or the red side is that we bet that The dragon side’s point is higher than the tiger’s point. in which the dragon side players will be dealt and have the opportunity to show the cards first Make sure you know the score first. The payout ratio is 1:1.


Stab on the tiger’s side or the blue side is to predict. That the side will have more points than the dragon side which the players on the tiger side will receive the cards later which makes it known the score later on the dragon side The payout ratio is also 1:1.


This style of stabbing is that we choose to bet that The points of both sides are equal. The chance that the two cards will come out as a tie is easier than other card games. As a result, the payout ratio is as high as 1:8.