Low carb diets.

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Low carb diets have been associated with several health benefits. People often use them to support weight loss and manage blood sugar levels.

There are several types of low carb diets, and they differ based on the amount of carbs permitted each day. A typical low carb diet usually contains less than 26% of total daily calories from carbs. For those following a 2000-calorie diet. This equals fewer than 130 grams (g) of carbs per day.

Generally, low carb diets limit foods high in carbs or added sugar. Including sweets, starches, and refined grains UFABET

However, the foods you’re permitted on a low carb diet can vary depending on your daily carb allotment. Even higher carb foods like fruits, starchy vegetables, and whole grains can fit into some low carb diets in moderation.

What is an example of a low carb diet?

Here are a few of the most popular low carb eating patterns:

  • Ketogenic diet: This low carb, high fat eating pattern limits daily carb intake to less than 5-10% of total calories, or around 20–50 g of carbs.
  • Atkins diet: During the first phase of this diet, carb intake is limited to about 20 g per day, depending on which plan you choose. Over the duration of the diet, your intake gradually increases but typically doesn’t exceed 100 g per day.
  • South Beach diet: Besides reducing carb intake, this diet encourages you to eat lean meats and heart-healthy fats. During the initial phase, grains and fruits are also off-limits.
  • Paleo diet: This diet mimics the eating patterns of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and is naturally low in carbs.
  • Dukan diet:The diet restricts carbs while being high in protein and low in fat. It’s divided into four phases to help you reach your weight loss goals.